Porto – the 5 BEST Breakfast Places

We have created a list of the best breakfast places in Porto for you, where you cannot only enjoy some delicious Pastel de Nata but lots of other Portuguese treats!

1. Confeitaria de Bolhao
Porto - Confeitaria de Bolhao from the outside

Confeitaria de Bolhao opens its doors at 6am. This is the place in Porto that sells the best Pastel de Nata. However, we would recommend you also try the infamous Tigelinhas do Bolhao here, a special almond pastry that this bakery is known for. Furthermore, you should try Pão de Deus, which translates to „bread of God“. It is a sweet brioche like pastry with a sweet coconut filling that is traditionally eaten on All Saints day. To combat all this sugar, we recommend you top off your breakfast with some cimbalinho (espresso). In addition to being a bakery, café and restaurant, you can also find some gifts (mostly food related). Opening times: 6am – 8pm.

2. Manteigaria
Manteigaria from the outside in Porto

Manteigaria is a bakery chain from Porto that claims to sell the best Pastel de Nata, the Portugese custard tart pastry that is dusted with cinnamon. It is located both in Bolhao and Clerigos. We would strongly advise you to try it since they are super delicious here. In addition they have an open kitchen so you can learn how the pastels (?) are made to maybe even try to make them at home. Croissants with cheese or ham and amazing coffee can also be found here. What more do you need for breakfast really? Opening times: 8am – 9pm.

3. Nata Lisboa
Nata Lisboa pastries in Porto

Much like Manteigaria, Nata Lisboa is a bakery chain that was named “Portugese brand of the year” in 2012. They can be found all over Portugal but also in Berlin, Abu Dhabi and Vienna. As the name suggests, they’re famous for the Pastel de Nata while offering lots of other delicious Portuguese pastries, sandwiches, a typical European breakfast with bread and different spreads. Vegan will also be happy here since Nata Lisboa offers lots of vegan and vegetarian options as well. Opening times: 8am – 9pm.

4. Majestic Cafe
Majestic Cafe outside in Porto

The internet will tell you that as a Harry Potter fan you will need to visit the Majestic café. This is because J. K. Rowling supposedly wrote a big part of “Harry Porter and the Philosopher’s Stone” sitting in this cafe. If you decide to go in, you will be asked to to sit down and order something (security guards at the front take care that no HP tourists enter for a quick snap only). Prices are quite high (6€ for 25cl of orange juice or 5€ for an espresso), but the elegant interior definitely makes up for it. We decided to skip it and visit Livraria Lello instead to fill our HP cravings.

5. O’ diplomata
O' diplomata pancakes in Porto

O’diplomata is a nice breakfast cafe in Porto that is famous for its pretty looking pancakes. When you go there for breakfast you can basically DIY your own pancake, choosing the batter, toppings and sprinkles. They surely don’t only look good but also taste heavenly. Next to pancakes, you can also get smoothies and smoothie bowls, granola bowls and sandwiches. Since O’diplomata has become quite famous over the years, prepare that you will have to queue up to get a place here. Opening times: 10am – 4pm.

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